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Heartbeat Necklace

A heartbeat signals life. Your heart is in constant motion, circulating life-sustaining blood through your body 24 hours a day. That it works is a gift beyond measure.

This cardiogram heartbeat necklace is a reminder to use that gift to live fully and to love with passion. Unlike most heartbeat necklaces, this one is not just a wiggly line, but instead contains the recognizable elements of a healthy cardiogram.

Made from polished steel or gold plated steel, the pendant is 1 1/4 inches wide and 3/4 inches tall. It comes on either an adjustable 17 to 19 inches surgical steel chain or an 18 inch gold plated chain. 

Suggested Retail: $24.99

Perfect for:

  • Nurses, doctors & medical students
  • Friends, lovers
  • All who embrace life